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When we entered the field of bottling and food trading, we became aware of the incredible volumes of materials, and therefore resources, wasted throughout the supply chain, and realized what a huge carbon footprint common household products have. This realization, combined with our pre-existing environmental awareness, formulated the basis on which the design and selection of our packaging was implemented.

We do not strive for a stunning appearance at all costs. We pursue an aesthetically pleasing result that reflects the philosophy and quality of our product, but taking the environmental factor into consideration. We believe that as a society, as producers and consumers, we need to address the quality and essence of our diet and nutrition, with less emphasis on appearances.

However, this is no easy equation: Compliance with strict legislation and packaging and food labelling specifications on the one hand, and low-cost, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly packaging on the other.

Our main objective is to minimize plastic in our packaging, and avoid surplus materials. Wherever this is not possible, we try to use packaging that is reusable and naturally recyclable.

100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz bottle


The law on sealed, non-refillable olive oil bottles for restaurant tables is valid in Greece as of January 1st, 2018. Thus, we created a 100 ml glass bottle for restaurant owners and chefs who wish to offer their customers a high-quality product that will offset their dishes and introduce consumers to the aromas and flavors of Greek extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Also an ideal solution for travelers who need a handy olive oil container for cooking: climbers, hikers, campers, kayakers!

500 ml / 16.9 fl. oz bottle


For fans of top-quality extra virgin olive oil, who use it daily in their salads and cooking.

A glass bottle with a flow regulator for better management of the quantity added to your dishes. The regulator can easily be removed to refill and reuse the bottle.

1-Litre tin / 33.814 fl. oz bottle


1 litre tin-plate can. Lighter container, more secure transportation. Ideal size for those who use extra virgin olive oil daily, in their salads and to finish their dishes.

3-Litre tin / 101.4 fl. oz. can


A family-sized tin-plate can, ideal for lovers of extra virgin olive oil, who use it and cook with it on a daily basis.

Also suitable for use in restaurant kitchens.

5-Litre tin / 169.07 fl. oz. can


The biggest size allowed by legislation for retail sale of olive oil. Tin-plate can. Ideal for those who consume big quantities of extra virgin olive oil cooking.

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