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Olive Oil Tastings

We have been raised in the olive groves. Olive oil has always been part of our life. We just love everything about it. And we want to share this love of ours with you!

Join one of our olive oil tasting experiences and delve deep into the magical world of olive oil and Cretan gastronomy.

The Olive Grove Tour

A tour for those who want to experience the atmosphere of an olive grove with centuries-old olive trees.

We will start by walking around in our olive grove, explaining everything about the history of olive and olive oil in Crete, the olive cultivation and the special practices we apply at Taxídi Olive Farm.

We will share with you all the small secrets of the production process that lead to a premium quality extra virgin olive oil; you will be amazed of how many things must be taken into consideration for an excellent evoo to be born!

We will then pass on to the olive oil tasting. We will taste different categories of olive oil and we will learn to distinguish the organoleptic characteristics (the aromas and flavors) and the defects of it. One of our main goals here is to help you define the do’s and don’ts when picking an extra virgin olive oil for your table. Sharing our knowledge with you is one of our favorite parts of our job!

We will close our tour enjoying a small snack with local products and our premium Taxídi evoo, along with a glass of wine, under the shadow of our olive trees and with the chirping of the birds accompanying us.

Olive oil is inherently linked to the life of Crete and olive groves are an integral part of the Cretan landscape. Don’t miss the chance to get lost in one of them and learn everything you would like to know about olive oil. We will do our best to make this an unforgettable experience for you!

Book Now

Where: In our olive groves, Zakros village

When: Mon – Tue – Wed: 18:00-20:00

How long: 2 hours

What: 4 samples + meze w/ glass of wine

How many: 2-6 people

Price: €28/person (20% discount for kids up to 15yo )

Do you prefer to enjoy the experience JUST with your family and/or friends? You can fully book the experience!

Price: 2-4 people: €35/person, 5-6 people: €28/person

20% discount for kids up to 15yo


Minoan Tastes paired with Olive Oil Tasting

One of the brightest periods of Cretan civilization has been the Minoan culture. Archaeological research has brought to light exciting findings about life back then, one of them being the food the Minoans used to produce, cook and eat. Guess what; olive oil has been present on Crete ever since!

In order to offer you a journey to the food culture of Crete from 2700 BC to today, together with Minoan Tastes [link to website] we have designed a distinct food experience for you. Cooking in Minoan-style ceramic pots over an open-hearth fire, making homemade pita and learning everything about olive oil and its best use in the kitchen, are some of the options this package includes.

The menu can be tailored to your preferences and include different meals and activities. Contact us to find out all the available options. We will be more than happy to organize the perfect food experience for you!

Book Now

Where: Ierapetra or anywhere you want us to come

How long: 2-4 hours

What: Minoan Cuisine & Olive Oil Tasting

How many: 2 people and more

Price: Starting from €45/person

Custom packages from €85/person


The Treasures of the Cretan Land

Honey, herbs, olive oil. They have been used since the Minoan times, they have been known for their beneficial properties, they have been traded for thousands of years.

We are joining forces with Althaea to offer you a comprehensive tour that includes a bit of everything: introduction to the endemic plants of eastern Crete and their properties, a thorough look into the magical word of bees and honey production during the Minoan era, a demonstration of how essential oils are produced and used in skincare products and cosmetics. And on top of that, olive oil tasting focusing on the beneficial properties of the “liquid gold” for our body and mind!

The tour includes a welcoming freshly made organic tea locally sourced, honey tasting and of course some Cretan “meze” seasoned with extra virgin olive oil!

Book Now

Where: Althaea farm, Anatoli village

How long: 3.5 hours

What: Cup of tea, honey tasting, 4 olive oil samples + meze

How many: 2 people and more

Price: €35/person


Custom Olive Oil Tastings

We organize olive oil tasting events for various occasions ranging from boutique hotels as an experience for their customers to company team-bonding activities. Please fill out this form so we know your basics and we will follow up from there.

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