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Our story

From Translation and Psychology studies back to our homeland and the family olive groves.


We are Christina and Antonis, the eldest of the four children of a family with a long tradition in olive oil production. Our family olive groves are located in Zakros, Sitia, in eastern Crete. Crete is, of course, the largest island in Greece. Never heard of it? You will definitely have heard of the Minoan culture or of the Mediterranean (and effectively Cretan) diet.

Since our production of olive oil far exceeds our family’s needs, we decided to bottle it and share it with you. Now, the olive oil we lovingly produce for our family table each year, can travel all over the world and reach your family’s table! Besides, that is our main philosophy: a product that will travel directly from us to you, establishing a personal relationship of honesty and mutual respect.


taxidi (/ta./ksi.ði/ = journey)

The name we have chosen indicates the journey that defines our project and governs the production of our olive oil: starting with History, passing from personal experience and ending with the philosophy of a sustainable economy.

Olives and olive oil have been inextricably linked to Cretan life for the last 3,500 years, ever since Minoan ships started to carry the valuable products of Cretan soil to the whole Mediterranean. Over the centuries, oil was a staple product of Crete’s rural economy, and established the nutritional tradition that we nowadays call the “Mediterranean diet”.

But “Taxídi” is also our own creative journey, in the pursuit of meaning, beauty and authenticity. We dream of creating a centre of knowledge, culture and encounters based on the olive tree and olive oil. We hope to build a network of friends who share the same values as us, who are active citizens and conscious consumers, through the values of permaculture, regenerative agriculture and ecotourism.

We would like your company on this journey of ours. We want every drop of “Taxídi” that reaches your plate to be the beginning of a journey to this beautiful corner of Greece, to the flavours and aromas of our homeland, to Cretan culture and to our personal project. Besides, what else is a journey if not knowledge, human interaction, experience, emotion and dreams?

That is our taxidi.

Come and join us!

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